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Remasters Audio & Video Restoration

What We Do

We Know How To Deliver

Music is powerful. It can calm the savage beast or set the most romantic mood. Our company policy is to deliver to you our fellow music lovers, quality and reliabilty through a fast and efficient economical service that is the best in the world.

Is it Expensive?

1 LP to CD - $25.00

10 LP - 19 LP - 10% discount

20 LP Plus 20% discount

Discount Special Quotes for 100 Plus - Perhaps you have a special occasion and want your own personalised album with your choice of photo etc on front and on the label.

We can make up this album for you from as little as $27.50

We can also produce DVD's from your old Beta,VHS or any other type of film.

An untapped market

Did vinyl really die?

Over 10 billion vinyl recordings were produced until 1988, when this format was overtaken by CDs.

But the goods news is that millions of music lovers and collectors held on to both their old turntables and their vinyl.

How much vinyl was converted to CD?

Only about 5 to 10 per cent of vinyl recordings became available on the internet or were commercially released on CD. And, as vinyl recordings deteriorate because of age and over-use, a great deal of music was potentially lost forever.

That is, until Remasters developed its unique process and discovered a vast untapped market.

Market Research

As demand for the Remasters service escalated simply through word of mouth, the company undertook extensive research of competitors and websites which offered vinyl-CD transfers:Remasters Audio & Video Restoration Consumer surveys showed: Target markets Remasters users are aged 35 upwards, comprising:

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