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Welcome to Remasters - Audio & Visual Restoration

Do you have favourite LP's that are beginning to show signs of wear and tear or that have never been released on CD?

Have you stored away important videos of family events, weddings, special occasions or the kids now that the DVD player has pride of place at home?

If your favourite music or special family occasion is stored on vinyl record or audio or video tape, let Remasters digitally clean, restore and record your music or videos onto CD or DVD.

Remasters sets the pace when it comes to audio restoration.
Our system designed here in Tasmania is second to none in the world.

What does this mean to you?

How about the quality of sound.

Do you remember the true audio sound of quality vinyl before it's been played too many times.

Well we can give you that quality and you can play it over and over again and it will not deteriorate.

And just to make you feel at home our CD's even look like vinyl records.

Just think all those old recordings that are stored under the house can be remastered.

You can enjoy all those magic memories again even in your car (try doing that with an LP).

What are you waiting for?

Leave it to the experts !

We have heard it time and time again.

"A friend said he could do it, but it took ages and the result wasn't very good".

That's because the equipment required to produce quality audio reproductions costs many thousands of dollars.

Remember the saying you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear? Well you can't produce quality audio reproductions on a home computer either.

So send your recordings to us.

We will return you quality audio you want to listen to.

Remasters Audio & Video Restoration

What is the Remasters difference?

Established in 1996, Remasters achieved a world first after five years of research and development: the ability to digitally clean and restore precious vinyl records on to CD, enhancing the recording to give a clearer, truer sound than the original vinyl.

We do this at least 12 times the speed of competitor systems, thus making it possible to commercialise this technology for the first time.

The global potential of Remasters’ technology is immense. More than 10 billion vinyl 78's, 33's and 45's were produced until 1988, and many millions of treasured records lie dormant in attics and closets.

Most consumers don’t know that you can transfer vinyl to CD – and even if they do, they think it’s either very costly or produces inferior quality.

Remasters have overcome both these barriers with a unique clean-and-restore process using our custom-designed hardware and software.

Convenient, Fast And A Terrific Sound

What more could you hope for? We have depots all over Australia (over 400). A phone call is all it takes to get the music rolling along.

A maximum 10 day turn around (for emergencies such as funerals or special occasions we can turn around in 24 hours).

As for the sound if you shut your eyes you might start to believe you were in the recording studio when it was made.

Try the Remasters Difference. It's been worth the wait.

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